Gate Repair

Gate Repair and Installation Davie FL

Ace Garage Repair Davie FL also specializes in new gate installation well as gate repair services. Your gate is a symbol of your commitment to your privacy and safety, and it’s important that when your gate goes down, that it be restored back to good working order as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to put off addressing your gate issues. Problems that only happen once in a while will become increasingly more frequent, and your gate could go completely down at the absolute worst time.

Imagine having a family get-together and family members not being to enter or exit the premises. In the case of a business, think about your employees or customers who may be stuck inside the building until someone comes to fix the problem.

We want to be your #1 resource for all of your gate installation and repair needs.  Call us today!

Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Repair Service Davie FLGate Repair Davie FL provides exemplary automatic gate installation, and service for residential commercial locations. Our technicians are fully trained to replace or repair defective parts, provide regular maintenance, and are available to handle emergency situations.

Slide Gate Repair

Slide Gate Repair Service Davie FLYou can count on Gate Repair Davie to provide top-notch installation and repair of all types of sliding gates offers for both commercial and residential locations.

We service both wrought iron and aluminum gates, and like with everything else we do, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, ensuring your complete and total satisfaction!

Don’t hesitate! Give our expert technicians a call today!

Swing Gate Repair

Swing Gate Repair Service Davie FLWe love installing and servicing both single and double swing gates that are suitable for both residential and commercial locations. It’s important  when considering a swing gate that the doors need a certain amount of clearance to ensure its safe operation. The doors can be opened manually or automatically through the use of electronic opener, whichever you prefer.

If you’re ready to install a new swinging gate or have your current gate repaired by one of our expert technicians, contact us to set up an appointment ASAP!

Security Gate Repair

security gate repair servicesIf your business is located in location such as an industrial business park, you might want to consider installing a security gate to protect your employees, your building and your inventory. If you already have a security gate and it isn’t working properly, you can count on us to make sure that it’s fully operational.

Gate Sensor Repair

Gate Sensor Repair Service Davie FLAutomatic gates are usually equipped with gate sensors to detect when there is something obstructing the gate from opening or closing.  Defective sensors can result in property or vehicular damage, or bodily injury. We can address all of your gate sensor needs!

Don’t wait until something unfortunate happens! Contact us today!

Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair Service Davie FLYour gate opener which is made up of several different component, can wear out over time. You can trust us to either install or replace the defective components.  We are available 24/7 to do emergency repairs. For more information about gate opener installation and repair, call us now at (954) 839-6435!

Gate Intercom Repair

Gate Intercom Repair Service Davie FLYour intercom system provides two-way communication between you and those who would want to enter your home or business. It also provides an additional level of security in order to ensure your safety and protection. The keys on the keypad become non-responsive, and the motherboard inside the intercom could become defective. When the intercom goes out, it’s important to restore it as soon as possible to continue that additional level of security.

We provide emergency intercom service as well as normal installation and repair. Contact us for more information!

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